is an accomplished musician who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression. His unique and outstanding talent is  recognized around the world. Tom is an extraordinary bass player and vocalist. He plays piano and guitar, is a songwriter, producer and recording artist. 
Tom has toured with many famous musicians including
Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, Dan Fogelberg and many others. You may recognize Tom from his earlier days performing in the Seattle area with bands Push and Burgundy Express. Tom’s creativity, character and sense of humor sets him apart. That’s what makes him unforgettable!

LISA ARANCI is a vocalist, song-writer, and guitar player.   Her trained, smooth and warm vocals allow her to sing a huge variety of styles which continue to capture the hearts of those who listen to her.  Originally from the East Coast, she has performed professionally in many bands since she was 18 years old.  On stage, her love for music and performing shines through her genuine and contagious personality. 























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